Product 1 – Standardized Non-Metallic Cable Connector

Our first product is a standardized non-metallic cable connector that makes it ten times faster to wire electrical outlets and switches. Save 4 minutes and 30 seconds for every connection made.

The following is our progress to date:

Milestone 0: Market Research and User Interviews (Completed)

Milestone 1: Design prototype (Completed)

Milestone 2: Utility patent (Completed)

US 11342692 B2

Milestone 3: Functional prototype (In Progress)

We are currently working on the manufacture of a fully functional prototype at MHUB in Chicago using their CNC Milling, Turning, and other fabrication machines.

Next Steps

  • Milestone 4: Mass production prototype
  • Milestone 5: Internal safety testing
  • Milestone 6: UL Testing and Certification
  • Milestone 7: Market Validation / Sales